O is for Opportunity

Capoeira is fast becoming known around the world and familiar to communities in most cities.  If you ask someone that has never played Capoeira it is likely that they will say it's the 'Fighting Dance' or the 'Dancing Fight', of which they wouldn't be wrong.

Capoeira is also a positive lifestyle that can help you shape the way you move, eat, sleep, socialise and plan the way you live your life.

Inside the roda (capoeira circle) the jogo (capoeira game) poses many problems and highlights various solutions and opportunities to solve the proposed problems.  In the the jogo one player will make a move and the other will respond.  It is possible that those responses could be with aggression, speed. acrobatics, power, cunning, laughter, calm or all of the above.  That is the joy of the game.  Each time you play it is different and with each person you play you learn something new about yourself.

Keeping open to the many solutions and opportunities inside the roda translates perfectly to our life outside of the roda.  Capoeira helps to create a mindful mindset that reviews a situation before taking action.  Capoeira also encourages us to take calculated risks and try new things.

As in life and the Capoeira game, there are opportunities around every corner and through every door, we just need to open our hearts and minds and let them in.  Not all of them will work and sometimes you will fall down.  Thankfully for a Capoeirista and in life, falling down is part of learning and makes us better at what we do, regardless of what that is.

Practice makes progress