E is for Expression

Being able to communicate with your body is a large part which differentiates capoeira from other martial arts.  The way you move and disguise your movements to lead into attacks and defensive techniques helps to create the game of capoeira.

How we talk to each other verbally is just one way to have a conversation.  Body language has long been studied to understand how we interact with each other ( Your body language may shape who you are - TedTalk ).  In capoeira the way we move our bodies tells a story, sets a mood and is used to defy and trick your apponent.  

Some of the greatest capoeira Mestre’s have the ability to move with such grace and efficiency with a simple set of movements.  They have mastered the art of expression, moving in such a way that it appears to be more than it really is.

Learning to let go and be expressive is key to having a tricky and engaging capoeira game.  It’s also a useful skill in life.  It breeds confidence and helps to create clarity in conversation.  Whether you are giving a presentation, talking in a group amongst friends or meeting new people.  Being comfortable to express yourself through verbal and physical means will help to create a more confident you.

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EXERCISE : To better understand how you are or are not being expressive in your capoeira training is to film yourself training or playing in a roda.  What sometimes feels like being overstated in a movement can often appear to be understated.  

It would be difficult to over express yourself in Capoeira.  The more you relax and let go the more opportunities present themselves, the more fun you have and the more you will be able to do. Expressing yourself with movement will create a freedom that will enable a free and fluid game, unlocking possibilities and develop your body beyond its current limitations.

Capoeira music unlocks another stage of expression through songs.  The songs don’t just create a stage for telling stories from old, they also allow the singer to express themselves in the moment. Using words and rhythm to tell a story of a moment in the game or to set the emotional energy within the roda.  As with all music, Capoeira music can evoke emotions that can pick you and put your down and being the driver of this powerful energy is not only important but a privilidge.  Through expression you are not only able to set your own intentions and mood, you can influence others.

Take a deep breath and jump in with both feet.  It’s not easy but it will pay you back ten fold.