A is for Ability

Often when you see Capoeira for the first time, its easy to see how graceful, athletic, fast and talented the players are. Most don’t see themselves playing capoeira and often think that its unattainable, or just too hard.

Reality is that whoever is giving the performance is trying to represent the best of what they have within their group and showcasing their talent.

While there is nothing wrong with that, as it creates an amazing spectacle for the audience, it’s not a true representation of what Capoeira is and what it can do for each and everyone of us, regardless of age, gender or ability.

Capoeira is a deep and fascinating art that can be adopted on many levels.  It can be a gentle holistic art that promotes mindfulness, stress relief, increased flexibility, strength and conversation through gentle fluid movements.  It can also be aggressive and combative, awakening your instincts, building strong muscles, speed and endurance, and every level in between.

This means that capoeira is the perfect art for young children to play, develop and discover movements and problem solving.  For young adults Capoeira helps to promote stability, focus, dedication.  Adults learn the art of play, once again, to challenge their limits and expand their possibilities.  Our older generation embrace the sway and grace that capoeira brings, whilst keeping supple and strong joints.

Capoeira music open’s its heart to everyone.  From the basic and complex rhythms of the Berimbau, Atabaque and Pandeiro.  It’s possible to start with no previous musical experience and for a professional to learn something new.

Once you open your heart to the possibilities that Capoeira can offer, you will begin to see positive improvements to your wellness and the community around you.

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