C is for consistancy...

Capoeira is hard.  There is no doubt about that.  It’s possible to learn the basics and just ride on that wave, but capoeira has so much more to give.  It has so much depth and meaning for each and everyone of us, young and old.

In order to get good at capoeira and in order to really start to understand it you need to practice, and practice a lot.  If you attend a class once a week your body will never truly learn the movements.  Each time you go it will be like starting again.  If you practice twice a week, your body will start to remember the basics and you will slowly start to increase your fitness.  If you really want to learn capoeira, you need regular and consistent practice.

That applies to everything.  If you want to be good at something you need to be consistent.  Consistently moving, consistently playing, consistently exploring and most likely consistently failing.  Failing drives us forward. We learn the most during our failures.  If we didn’t fall down, how would we ever learn to get back up.  In Capoeira we need to get back up a lot so falling is an important skill to learn.

How do we keep the consistency solid?  How do we keep our focus and drive alive?

You just need to take one piece of action.  Turn up.  If you are able to leave work or pull yourself away from the sofa and turn up, I promise that you will practice something, no matter how big or small.

Consitency is turning up, and turning up as often as you can.  Consitency also breeds habit.  With habit it will make it easier to turn up, especially on those days when you are feeling tired, whether mentally or physically.  Have you ver gone training, even though you thought you were already spent?  And then had the best training ever.  We are capable of more than we think we are and its natural to give up when the going gets tough, or when techniques are hard to follow.  Sometimes our bodies just need some guidance, especially if you are asking it to do something it has never done before.

Do one thing, get good ... turn up.