P is for Perfection (really Imperfection) ...

If we waited for perfection, we’d never get anything done.  It’s important to be our best selves.  We don’t need to get hung up on trying to make everything just right.  We do, after all, learn most  when we are making mistakes.

If we never fell over, we’d never learn how to get back up.

When we start something new, it can be unnerving and a little scary.  You are maybe visiting a new place and meeting new people for the first time, not sure of what may or may not happen.  What’s important to remember is just to do.  Just turn up.  Let go of expectations, of yourself and those of others.  Just try to experience.  Equally if you are learning a new move or sequence in your training, it’s very possible that your body doesn’t know how to move in that way yet and will need a few pointers, extra warm up and a little patience.  If you put in the practice, it will come.

I am firm believer that it’s not that you can’t do something, you just didn’t learn how to yet.  Don’t get caught up in doing it right or perfectly first time.  Know that good things take time and effort.  Anything worth having needs patience and dedication and over time you will be rewarded.

What you put in, you will get back out.

Let’s celebrate those differences, the mistakes and all that makes us unique.