Goals, expectations and motivation

Without action there cannot be any results, without tracking your actions your results cannot be truly represented and without accurate results how will your celebrate your victories big and small?

If we don't set goals with a plan of action then we may as well call them dreams.  To achieve your dreams or wishes, you need to set a plan of action.  You may have one main goal that will be made up of mini goals to set you on the road to success, or you may have one goal. It doesn't really matter how many goals you set, how big they are or how long they will take you. It does matter that you are able to create steps of action that each day you will be able to act on to step yourself closer to your goal.

Can I change my goal?  Of course it is natural as you progress on your journey that your sights and ideals may change.  Your goals are your goals, you can do what you want with them.  The steps you take and the action plan you set is yours and yours alone.  You have full control of what you do and when.  When life gets in the way, side step, make adjustments and continue on your path.

Motivation and lack of, can hit us at anytime.  It often comes when our expectations are not in line with our progress.  When we are trying to push any boundaries or improve ourselves in any way, we will at some point, need to practice patience.  If developing your skills, loosing weight, gaining muscle or whatever your goal is, was easy, then everyone would be doing it and we wouldn't have such a health crisis on our hands like we do at the moment.  What can you do to pull yourself out of a slump? How can you find that motivation again to keep moving on your path to your goal?

  • Firstly, I would suggest turning up.  Turning up to your class, turning up to your course, turning up to your gym.  Wherever it is that is helping you progress to your goal then just turn up.  If you can get yourself there, chances are you will do something, and something is so much better than nothing.
  • Secondly, maybe you need to breakdown your goal into smaller more manageable chunks.  Look at smaller actions which will help you move forward towards your goal.  It doesn't matter how big the steps are, what matters is that you are taking steps.
  • Thirdly, have you set an action plan?  You may have created a wonderful list of goals but haven't thought about how you are going to get there.  Once you have your plan of action, think about the tools you need to help you achieve that goal.  Do you already have the tools?  Do you need someone else to help you with that goal?  Do you have enough time or thinking space to take action?
  • Fourthly, we understand that positivity attracts positivity.  The same applies for negativity.  Do you have negative things in your life?  People or habits?  Can you eliminate some or all of those things?  If you have a sweet tooth and you are trying to loose weight maybe you need to ensure sugary treats don't come into your house.  If smoking is limiting your fitness progress take steps to stop smoking.  Once you have reduced or eradicated those negative things, then start replacing them with positive things.  Something as simple as thoughts.  If you find yourself in negative slump, take 10 seconds of your time to think about what makes your happy it could change the whole direction of your day.  Surround yourself with like minded or influential people.  Living within a community of like minded, positive people will help you further down your road and take you closer to your goals.

We have to accept that long term goals will take a long time to achieve.  That time will need to be dedicated and unobstructed, quality time.  That is what will give you quality and effective results.

If you know that you have a personality that likes fast results, break your goals down into little daily actions work within your expectations and keep your motivation primed.

Celebrate those achievements, big or small.  Learn from your mistakes and failures.  There will be failures, if there isn't you are not pushing yourself hard enough and your expectations are too low.  We only learn to get up if we fall down.  We only get good at getting up if we fall down a lot, so expect to have challenges that you don't plan, results that's our don't want to see or progressions that just don't happen.

What do you do about them?  Why did they go wrong?  What can you do about that?  Be thankful for the lesson, adjust your actions and keep moving on.

You are wonderfully unique and what works for you may not work for others and visa versa.  Take inspiration from others and apply it to your life.  See what works for you, test and test again.  Make sure your actions are recordable, look at your results if it works for you, keep doing it until it stops working for you.  Make changes, update your goals or your plan of action and keep going.

How many times have you reached your goal, celebrated and then thought, ok what now?  This tells us firmly that its not about the goal it is indeed about the journey and how much fun you have getting there. 

Live your life like everyday counts, because it does.  Make your dreams a reality by taking steps each and every day to get you closer to that goal.

Go get that goal! and ensure you have the time of your life getting there.